Emma Wackers


The series ‘Tension’ focusses on the tension between humans, animals and nature.Nowadays our children grow up with no knowledge about what they eat and where it comesfrom. Milk comes from the fridge in the supermarket, such as meat does.The consequences of us humans producing meat are huge for our planet. Though humans tendto think it is more important to have the luxury of eating meat whenever they want thanacknowledging the consequences and raising our children with the awareness of what theyeat and how this influences our planet. 

This is why I made a photographic series where I experimented with young children, howthey feel about dead animals, how comfortable they are with them, and what they knowabout their own food. 

The images have a provocative sense, the question is why we feel this way. As we feed ourchildren meat, why don’t we show them where it comes from?The works are discussion pieces and aim for more conscious behaviour towards nature. 

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